Panic stations

So what am I doing on a Saturday afternoon, the day before Mother’s day? Furiously trying to tie up loose ends such as blogs, Maths Web Quest, and lesson plans before I go to bed so I can actually be a mum tomorrow and spend time with my family over lunch… And I am determined to get there!

So far I have completed lesson plans and that is it. But as yo can see I have moved onto blogging and there is still quite a few hours before bedtime yet. Interestingly I spent a lot of today getting my head around the free desktop publishing software called SCRIBUS. I am looking at this as I am teaching the KLA Technology to years 5,6 and 7 and we are designing and creating greeting cards.. Sounds fun? I’m actually really enjoying it. Anyway check out the SCRIBUS link if interested. Now I need to convince my mentor to hand over the Literacy lesson to me so I can integrate what we are learning with greeting cards to the type and style of text that could be included in the card!

BTW, good luck fellow prac students!


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