Tablet? Yeah I might need to pop one!

While doing one of my many assignments, I started thinking about the mismatch of ICT that goes on at home and in the classroom. The home is dominated by touch devices while state schools think they are rocking it out by having laptops.. It seems while some schools are pressing on to have a laptop for every child, laptops seem also outdated.

The tablet vs laptop issue was also touched on in Bec Twidale’s blog The tablet makes a school comeback. It seems touch devices are winning the race for world domination and kids are having to step back in time when entering the classroom. The solution to this problem? Personally, I’m sitting here hoping for a global blackout. Especially since my new Trangia cook set just arrived in the mail!

Seeing that is highly unlikely, I might consider wowing students by integrating ICTs through a¬†handheld GPS. We can go on a school¬†camp and get lost.. for fun (I’ll just make sure I pack my new Trangia)!

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